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Solstice Source Healing Circle

In darkness, be a Light


When we allow God’s light,

when we ARE God’s light,

miracles can happen.

Healing can be immediate

Our world needs healing.

We need healing.

What if help is available to us 24/7?

What if the essence of healing can be simpler than we think?

The key is connecting with Source (or God, Goddess, Space or the higher realm - whatever term resonates for you).


The Source Healing Circle will help us do just that; let go of old beliefs and pain, and connect to the higher frequency of Source. Marlene will facilitate clearing, meditation/visualization and our natural connection to Light, so we can be conduits of healing for ourselves, our communities and the world. 

When:  Sunday, June 15, 1:00PM MST, 3:00PM EST

The session will be 30 - 45 minutes followed by an additional 30 minutes for questions and answers.


Where:  via Zoom. Please click here to register and you will receive an email with the Zoom link

Donations:  Donations between $15 and $25 are kindly appreciated. However if you are experiencing financial hardship, there is no fee. Please simply join us. Donations can be made securely via PayPal here.

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