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Marlene Zaleznick

Coaching/Spiritual Healing,

Inspirational Art and Poetry

Feng Shui Design

To Take You From

Stressed to Blessed



I have been many things in life







Now I add to the list: person healing from cancer.

In August 2016, my world changed. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, metastasized to my spine and brain. It was like falling down the rabbit hole of urgency regarding treatment and the reality of death.

I was not expected to live long.


There are many stories and countless lessons I could share about navigating this path, but the most poignant and central teaching I received is this: 

No matter what, we are bathed in an extraordinary amniotic sea of love.

Love that is not dependent on what we think or feel. 

Love that is not dependent of who we think we are or

what we think we deserve.

Love that just is. 

This is truth. 


It is the kind of love that people who have had near death experiences describe. By some divine grace, I have been fortunate enough to know this while I am still embodied. It is the hidden gem in my dance with death.


Now, I am privileged to share this healing balm with you via energy work, art, poetry and divine design that draws on energetic principles to create spaces alive with love.

I have 35 years of experience in the healing arts industry and extensive training in body-centered psychotherapy, Polarity Therapy, life purpose coaching and meditation. But, I can honestly say my brush with death has accelerated the healing I'm able to facilitate for others. There is now an open channel to light - an unshakable trust in the healing power of Divine Source.


And with this wake up call, I have finally started painting! 


All of my life, I’ve had creative urges, but put them on the back burner in service to making a living, single parenting and being “practical”. Now I paint and write with abandon. 

I’ve come to understand that saying no to creative urges is like saying no to life force itself.


My life is now filled with joy, purpose, love and sweet divinity beyond my wildest dreams. 

But this sense of purpose, joy and love is not just for me. It is for you too!

So whether you have a health challenge, money issues, relationship issues, anxiety, stress, trauma or feelings of unworthiness, I want you to know, healing is possible. I invite you to step into the healing bath of love.

It’s how you discover happiness in your life. It’s how you spread inherent goodness to your family, loved ones and your community. By transmuting fear into love you not only transform your own life, but ultimately bring love and compassion to the world.

Contact me to find out how


Body-Centered Therapy & Energy Healing

If you are afraid, if self criticism, doubt, worry, or trauma cast a shadow on your life, I invite you to step into a healing bath of love.

What if healing can be more simple than

we think?

Integrating body-centered therapy, energetic healing and Source healing we can gently help you let go of the past (including subconscious beliefs and ancestral pain and trauma) and embrace new and more fulfilling pathways. You can fill with more light, joy and love. This leads to transformation where you can open to whole new realms of unconditional love.

To find out more or to schedule a free 20  minute introductory consultation, please contact me.

Inspirational Art
and Poetry

A dancer in life
A dancer in death
Atoms remain unbounded
by form and sky.
This is the healing realm
Where all is possible
Where all is love
Where I humbly submit
to the dance
of God

from "Dance of God"

MarleneZ - 2019

Original abstract oil and watercolor paintings to uplift your spirit and home. Go to or

Connect with me on Facebook to see more paintings paired with poetry. Or contact me directly. I'm happy to help you find something that speaks to your soul.

Awakened Designs
Feng Shui for Home and Office

Create a sanctuary to uplift your soul.

Did you know that the space you live and work in can greatly affect your happiness, health, finances and relationships?

Did you know that our unconscious beliefs are revealed in our space, unintentionally keeping us stuck in limiting patterns?

I can help you shine a light on these hidden patterns and create a home and office that reflects harmony, prosperity, love and joy - a place for the soul. I specialize in using items you already own for cost effective, empowering solutions.

For more info or to schedule a free 20 min. consult, contact me.


"I now have practices to access my next steps I can use for a lifetime and most importantly, I have come to trust the process of life." 

Mary Spenard​

"I was able to look at myself with fresh eyes, and I saw that I was a beautiful being of the Universe. I understood that just the fact that I existed made me worthy of this tender regard” 

Anita Moorjani

"Marlene's ability to deeply listen and to immediately identify the very core of what I'm saying and need to hear is absolutely stunning.  In less than five minutes, she had more spot on accurate reflections than people I've spoken with for years.  I've done lot's of workshops and personal growth work, and don't know that I've ever met anyone quite as perceptive and instantly intuitive as Marlene." Maria Sarro
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